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banned at office


2 people are playing it in my office, i created an account to play with them and i got immediately banned. i guess we have the same IP address of something, in any case i m uninstalling this game since this IP rule clearly makes it impossible to play in an office


You clearly need to rethink what you are talking about.

Firstly you claim that there are two other people playing "in an office" and then you claim "this IP rule clearly makes it impossible to play in an office".

The most likely reason why you are unable to play is because this site has the word "game" in the title and since you are playing on a work computer there is an extremely high chance that it is your computer that is preventing you from playing.

So the problem is at your end my friend


What does the word "game" have to do with it? The first people that started playing here can still play. I tried to play as well and its DominateGame that banned my account (for which reason I dont know, guessing because people in an office have the same IP address?).

So the problem is not at my end...


Andrew, this is unfortunate what happened. It sounds most likely what happened was an admin banned one of those accounts for teaming. When you first play this game, you might not realize playing with a friend or work colleague is no big deal. But, unfortunately it's hard not to admit there is usually a prejudice in not attacking one another regardless how obvious or unclear. You will see this in the end result of the game where the friend and you will show a record of both finishing in 1st-2nd.

If you want to play again, please write an apology in the the 'complaints' section. Also, try to talk it over with your work colleague about the teaming. If you guys are gung-ho about playing together, use the "same host" icon, so the game is unrated. Unrated games teaming is allowed, but frowned upon.

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