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WW2 map cut off at bottom


Hi. Anyone have this issue - and a fix? I played the WW2 map and I lost because I can't see the bottom of the map. The guy was in Mid East and I never saw him to attack, even though the map looked as if I won.


It might be because you are playing in the browser. Try downloading the dominate game program. I have had the same problem before too, and that is how i fixed it. The downloaded game seems to have alot more room. Good luck!


how about change your screen resolution to one size bigger. 800x600, 1024x768 or bigger.

Also, try reopening the application. And never, try pulling at the screen manually to make it bigger-smaller. That will mess the program up for sure.


Yeah Mongolian, trying to physically pull the screen bigger is definatly not an option. I just hate when I try that and the screen comes apart. Point well made.

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