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Cant log into the game


Hi Im majortalnt and I cant log in to the game. I wrote the and no response. Also i tried the send mew password and still nothing. can someone help?? u can use the e-mail address i have on file to give me new password ty


Hello, firstly there is no "s" in the email address of the admin.

Secondly the admin who monitors that email address is currently too busy with her own personal life to answer any emails.

If you attempt to send a new password then your password will be reset to a random password but then the function of the site to email this new password out to you is currently not working so logging on with that account is impossible for the moment at least.

I suggest you create a new account and write down the password.

Peace, Love & Good Vibrations


currently i cant log in too, more players with this problem? Though I can log in, but the game doesnt open


Server is down I guess


The game is not functioning for anyone


the game is not work


This is an outrage!!

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