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i know noone will read this but..


if emiel managed to get this on facebook there would be alot more people playing... also an option to invite people from hotmail... also a monthly competition of who can get the most wins with a prize of a month membership. i recently had a month given to me by someone and it really made me consider buying a year. but im a cheapass so im not hehe


Lanky that is actually a very goos suggestion.

I'm not particularly a great fan of facebook but I know the influence of such network.

It could have the results you expect.


Yep, good suggestion but pointless as Emiel it looks has little interest in doing anything except resetting the the server, and spending waht little member dues he takes keeping up his coke and hooker habit.

Anways, even if he did manage to turn this into a facebook/myspace app and it became succesful Zynga would steal it, rip it then upload it as their own ;)


There are two facebook fan pages already.

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