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Question about the game rules


I was just playing a game and there's something I don't understand.

One person had Australia and all of Asia except Midden Oosten. He was getting 7 armies every turn. How is that calculated? I thought he only should get 5 armies from Australia bonus and the 3 default. Is there a rule saying occupying a certain % of a continent gives a player some bonus?


The three armies you get by default are not actually by default - it is actually calculated by the total number of territories you have, divided by three. If that number is less than three, it is rounded up to three - hence the default you start with. Any continent bonuses are added onto that.

Let's take your example: He has sixteen countries, including the continent of Australia. Armies per turn:

Total number of countries (16)
divided by 3:
= 5 (rounded down from 5.33) armies per turn
+ 2 armies for Australia continent bonus
= 7 armies per turn

Does that help?


Yeah. Thanks for the clear explanation.

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