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Why does this Suggestions forum even exist?


Why does this section of the forum even exist, given the fact that not a single suggestion has ever been turned into an improvement? In fact, not a single improvement has been made to the game in at least the last 6 years. Further, I have no hope that there will ever be any improvements, given this track record.

Is there any purpose at all in providing this forum, wherein naive users waste their time repeating the same obvious suggestions over and over, in the mis-guided belief that anyone with the ability and access and motivation will actually act upon them to improve the game?

This entire forum just seems like a big waste of everyone's time and the server's disk space.


Just send your 25 euros to

Emiel Ijustwantyourmoney
Wilhelminastraat 1
2011 VH Haarlem
The Netherlands


I know, this topic has been addressed. I was just in a bad mood and wanted to rant.

Thank you.



Map editing software?
Lobby console and alert sound
Regular top maps updates

Ok, so it's not much, but it's something


That is a big fish.


Simple, to give a place to talk and to some hope. Granted, the reality is the site will barely ever get improvements, but there was actual some changes on the site last year (even if seemingly small).


Here is my suggestion.

I don't think enough people are getting disconnected in the middle of games. Add a random disconnect feature, so even those with an incredibly solid connection regularly get booted off.

Although this is a grate idea, I don't think anyone will make it happen.

When is the last time that a suggestion was used to improve the game ?


Because the owner of the site is too lazy to make any changes, and also too lazy to take this board down


I normally wouldn't reply to stupidity like this but in this case I felt I had to. The owner of this site has most likely spent a few hours if not days trying to get dominate game up and running again after the servers had crashed a few months ago. If you have not noticed he doesn't run this site for profit. I know he has another company in which he probably spends 15 hours a day working. I wouldn't say he is lazy. I would say his priorities are in his company, not in a game where whiney little bitch players complain about who is cheating and who called the other names.

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