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Banned, are you serious?


My IP has been banned from the site. I'm guessing this is due to someone yelling cheater.
Fact is, yes I am very good at the game, and it pisses people off when they see my skills. But i have never, ever cheated. People on the site know this but apparently some admin felt powerhungry and banned me.
Now I would like to know based on what was i banned? And ultimately I would like the ban to be revoked.
Thanks in advance.


Calm down please... you are not banned. The IP's on your v_in_dk and mc124 accounts are not banned. You logged on with them just recently, May 1st and May 2nd. I'm guessing you must have tried to log on with more than 3 accounts at the same time, and therefore got the message "you are banned".

Do you have any other accounts that I could check?


Thanks Aerobabe, now it works. Since a couple of days the game told me I was banned - hence i couldnt log on.
Anyways, it works now so i am completely calm :o)


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