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can only play for one hour


If i play a game, exactly one hour after starting the server kicks me out... Anyone knows this problem or what to do about it?


It really sounds like an internet issue more then anything not. What seems to happens on my labtop is that it actually goes out of sync with the server it's connected to. So you may not even notice that your internet went out for 1-2 seconds, but it has the possability of killing the game's connection as their is no "reconnection feature" in the game.


yeah happens to me all the time i wish it was on the hour but it is random for me


I've had my connection going out for a few seconds , but the way tcp/ip works it will stay in game
long as connection comes back. Can try chatting in global chat channel quickly see if can renegotiate those
packets. If this happens often I might suggest going with cable company(cable internet) instead of phone company
(dsl internet) or vice versa, its possible that your internet provider is changing your IP address all the time
with DHCP and I tend to stick with cable internet gaming because of that as they usually don't renew your IP
address that often.


Anyways I would personally upgrade my router first make sure its not old, then either
change internet providers or ask current one for a static IP address, but usually people
switch because they usually want you to upgrade to business prices to give you a static IP.

WIth cable you can usually hardcode the IP in your router for a good time, with dsl its almost
impossible to do with that PPOE crap they authenticate with.

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