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Mac->Firefox->Blitzkrieg Map


I cannot click on or see the southern-most country in the middle east. Is there any remedy to this?


I'm afraid I did not understand the question.
However, procedure would be to fully close the application and restart it.

If the problem persists, you ought to reinstall the game application.


I can't see one of the countries on the Blitzkrieg map so I can't attack it. I'm using the browser based version of the game on a Mac with Firefox. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I doesn't go away if I restart the Java. Thanks.


Use Safari.. It works better with this game..


Thanks but unfortunately it looks the same on Safari


I have the same problem, and I assume we have a territory missing or something.

I can see 4 territories in Turkey, and 1 in Middle East. There must be one that I cant see, because I always get attacked from some place that isnt on my map.

Its fairly annoying.


download the app


"Mac->Firefox->Blitzkrieg Map"
"I'm using the browser based version of the game on a Mac with Firefox"

"download the app"

would you mind point to a mac app link?


get a normal pc


"get a normal pc"

very helpful information thanks for sharing.


ahhh they quote everything i say how cute


truly your input just get more and more helpful they should hire you for tech support


I have the same problem, I have not downloaded the app. I thought that mp might have just been designed for the download version so I play on normal or the other one with the web-based. It would be nice to have this fixed, is there a suggestion box around here?


I have the same problem on a PC with firefox.


play memorice

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