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can't move my armies


please help! i just started playin this game this week. i cant seem to get my guys to move. i can attack and do or die and cash in my cards. but i cant figure out how to move. i have tried clicking move and then the countries in every combination i can think of and have gotten nowhere. some one please help? thankyou.


it should be an easy task...
to move ,,u hit move button and clik onto
"two countries that are linked as neighbors"
and then you can slide up to 7 men,,,
and when it done ,that will also end u turn . . .


Yes. Moving armies should be the last action to make during your turn.
1 - Can only be done between two neighbour countries that belong to you.
2 - Only a maximum of 7 armies can be moved per turn.
3 - Once you have selected both countries (by selecting the action "Move" then left-clicking on your mouse on the country from where you want to move, to the country to where they will be moved, also by left-clicking) you'll be able to see a bar on the bottom center of the interface. You'll notice as you regulate this bar that it will determine how many armies will remain in each country.
4 - Finally, once you've successfully moved, your turn will automatically end and will spare you the effort to press the "Finish" button.

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