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10 minute rule


Why do regular games lasting less than 10 minutes not give any points? Occasionally I run through all 5 players in less than 10 minutes. These are great games, not fair I don't get any points for them.

If you get good placement, and then take a player out for the cards in the 4th round, you can kill another player the next turn for their cards. The last player usually quits by this time.

Im sure the argument is that these are just lucky games, and should not count. But it does take some skill to know who can be killed, and in what order for max cards.

Also, it is just as lucky when someone gets taken out in caps before their first turn? I lose points then. Why are caps games only required to last 2 minutes?


where in the rules does it say ten minutes ?
or who told u that..



I read the rules, I dont see it anywhere. It is true though, try it and see.


I think this was one of the rules introduced by Emiel in those days when he used to perform all the adminship duties himself as a means of curbing teaming. I remember some teamers were ramping up their ratings at an amazing rate and this discouraged that, so I guess that we just have to live with it.


Yes, it takes 10 minutes for a regular game to become ranked. Cap games are the exception, there is no cap on time.

Seriously, how did you play a regular game then lasted less then 10 minutes? Sounds to me like no one deserved rating for that game.

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