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same host ?


what if i play a game with my computer connected using my internetconnection at home and with another computer connected by mobile internet? Those are 2 different hosts and yet i can play a game at the same time? If this is true rated games mean nothing anymore; they can also be used for cheating.


ppls that been playing a bit, see and feel those be cheat and the stats will show, as well
i played this shit for about 11 year
and i cant say cheating a real problem...
in rated games the last 8 years...
mostley they still stink and be low on there rate, and if they some rear time end up with higher rateing ,,they be cought because those with some rate easy see there behavior
and dog em down...and report em.
so if u ask me nobigdeal at all....

but they be a task for those with low rate
thats just play now and then...

i support to strangle evryonecheats with a fork
ps .woow me oooold compaq keybord
that i used 11 year back, make it damn more easy to write then that peaseofshit
plasticDELLshit. i gONNA rule increasegames :D
beaweare u warned.......


To tell you the truth in fact i dont care one bit.

If someone wants to cheat? Well its ok by me. My god; some behave as if this game is the world for them.

I just was wondering about the same host and the rules which depend on that; for it ain't worth a thing. By using the method i write it is possible to be on the same game and not on the same host and still sit in the same room together and play the game; or even play with 2 or more by yourself. The rules must either be renewed due to new technology or they are worthless.

But whatever.


u just comment a fact.... and so what
the rules are still very clear...
i see u nick have no games played...
so why bather comment what everyone knows.
(sure u might have other accounts)
to keep u self anonymous read it again ...its pretty clear



well caramba, i do have other nicknames (nickforfun).

The only reason i made this remark was that there is an option for playing a game where all can be using the same hosts; this game isn'trated. The reason why it isn't rated is that in that case you can play yourself with 2 or more players at the same time in the same game.

But my point is that there are also other possibilities to do that (mobile and home-internetconnection).

So choosing this option isn't a guarantee that you can can't play with 2 players in the same game yourself. So this option is due to new technology worthless. It's not critism but mere a fact. So don't get upset by it.

But whatever ............


There are several ways to detect. According to your ideology teamers or cheaters would need to have same IP.
If you check the unending list of teamers / cheaters who've been warned or banned, you'll notice, most of them don't even have similar hostname.

Does it make harder to detect? Yes, of course. Is it a way to remain hidden? heh, you'll know when the time comes.



Yep; true. Don't think I am trying to find out a way to cheat and not being detected. For I don't like those guys either.

And ofcourse you are right; you can detect the cheaters by the way they are playing.

But I just was wondering the value of playing a non reated game in order to avoid cheaters for they can play together (and cheat) also by using 'my method' by playing a rated game.

That was all.

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