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were people who care about rating bullied at school?


please advise


Rating represents victories or performance usually. Of course every one has ups and downs but in a long run stats will point out who knows what he is doing or not.

My point is, everyone likes to win. And when you join something you get extra-motivation as long as you have a purpose. That can be either a great game of fun, or something that actually is registered and shown to the world and not only to the few that participated: Rating.

So.. it's not everything, but Everyone cares about it for one or another reason.

I'm also trying to say your question makes no sense at all. Plus, questions like those give a bad name to psychologists.

Live life and do what you have to do and stop questioning.

There you go. You have an answer now.


Very well said Veg.

To even ask the question "were people who care about rating... blah blah" is equivalent to saying "I suck at this game, but play it anyway, and I want everyone to know it. And you should all be ashamed of yourself."

Rating is how we keep score here - but it is also a way of choosing the type of game you want to play. If you want to play with noobs, play an open, regular game. If you want to play with better players, rating gives you a way to try to identify them.


rating indicates people who care about rating.

anyone who understands how the rating system works, and is lame enough to care, can get a high rating


Isn't that a bit like saying? "anyone who know how the rules of Dominate Game work and is lame enough to care, can get good at this game"

Oh my, we could be drifting into philosphy here.


sort of. I dont really think there is such a thing as being 'good at this game'

apart from a handful of complete morons,the difference between people with high ratings, and those who hover at 1500, is that the higher rated people create hundreds of accounts, and protect their high rated ones.

ANy strategy can win a game, even 'stupid' ones. Given the law of averages (and the ridiculous rating system), any moron can get a high rating, if he is so inclined.


Do you know? in spite of the provocative language that you use, I think I agree with you.


higher your rankings = have a smaller
johnson :-)))


Luckily for my johnson my rating got reset ;-)


Dr. Sloth is a filthy animal. One time he traced me into a game and executed a wasteful genocide on me, exclusively and right from the start.
I say he violates our harmonious community and has to be reprimanded.
Admins, keep an eye on this corrupted individual!


I think sloth is upset his highest ever is 1854...


i dont remember doing that Tir. But i probably did. It is after all, well known that you are a complete twat.
The kind of twat that watches games abusing all the players


As for me I am a community friend.


dr sluth ,,,sure they bullied and bulling other
from they born......but
what is u exscuse for suiside -ing and leave games like u been doing all time u played this game .........u got r**ped by some girl-team after school -time on the playground.... ?
(no offence) just asking



i only suicide twats like Tir.

i have a list of things that would make me suicide someone.

1. They sit watching games, abusing the players (Tir_McDohl)
2. They abuse anyone who attacks them (Tir_McDohl)
3. They accuse me of teaming
4. They accuse me of second placing
5. They try to manipulate other players to do their dirty work


So, it seems to me that your problem isn't against people with high rating, but to a likely minority that has no values and does anything for rating.

In that case I suggest it again, and as Polemarch also said: Learn the game properly, get better ratings, and you'll have the chance to participate in the same games better players join, where supposedly they know what their doing and you are allowed to have more creativity.

Who knows.. you may be able to leave your scepticism behind.


it would be a much different story if everyone was limited to three accounts, but having over 6 accounts over 1800 basically lets you wash rince away all those unlucky games and reap the rewards of the most points gained when you have multiple accounts to medium or "low-ball".

Aside of all that, striving to be the best at a game should be an admirable quality. Unfortunately as with most games, being the best comes with sacrifices, memorization, and learning the rules so you know how to get the most reward.


I agree on that with you mong. Plus account does make it easier. However, if you look back right now, I'd say more than 75% (no, it's not accurate. It just means a good lot. 'Cause I'm pretty sure some are just looking for a reason to debate) have accounts in which the personal information is false and making ammends becomes a very difficult task.


Being good at this game comes down to how you play at a 3 man level. I've seen plenty of 1500's with a far superior knowledge of this facet of the game compared to tons of high rated players.
The better calibre the players at this level, the better the game. If we could filter skill by any other means then rating it would be amazing. The best players play to win games, regardless of it being a 1500 or a 2400 game. The best players make the most of a crappy start and play the board they are given. The best players put asides feelings of anger from past games and still want to win. You get to filter douches like that out of the equation with high ratings(typically).
If you want to play a game, dont you want to be as good as possible, and play ppl who push you to be a better player?


the obvious answer would be to count wins (no bots)and hold them against games played..

competition is a natural thing.. a primal thing.. be glad its just a game and not the real deal..

i only have 1 account
come find me in a regular game
if u dare


What's wrong with mnaipulating?


Dr. Sloth. Ratings used to matter. But now there are so many people who team or play for second place that ratings don't really mean anything. When there is good sportsmanship, ratings do indicate skill. However, I do think that people who care so much about their scores that they cheat or play for second place might be lacking in other areas of their life.


everybody should kill crazygenius

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