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Unban request


Hello I would like to request being unbanned from this great game. Me(Bighendie)and shadowdemo both understand it was a mistake to team together and promise to never team unless in an unrated game. It has been almost a full year and is our first ban. If you would please unban us both we would appreciate it greatly.


Alright.. If not tonight, try checking back on the weekend. (I will post it here)


Should be unbanned. Let us know if that didn't occur.


Hello when I try to log on it still says i am banned.


Hello not sure if you are still checking or not. But we are still banned. It might be because my sister RoxzyFoxzy and her boyfriend Paulie1414 were also banned. They would love to get unbanned if possible as well.


Are there other names as well the bans may have come from?


No the only people who played at this IP address was me(Bighendie), my brother shadowdemo, and my sister Roxzyfoxzy. Paulie1414 played at his own location and different IP address.


Hello mongolian I was sitll wondering if you were looking into why we aren't can't log in still.


You guys are all unbanned now... You're not allowed ANY rated games together (team or not), so please make sure you avoid eachother's games.

Use the option "Allow players from the same hosts" to unrate the game.

Welcome back.


Hi, my nick is Selker and I was been baned almost 2 years ago, I learn the lesson and I would like to play again following the rules. I apologize what I've done but I didn't know . . . I ask DominateGame staff to review my situation please. Regards. Diogo Esteves


Hi Selker, please read this post. Welcome back :)


hi there, could you please unban me? I know I have gone agaisnt the rules, but I swear it wont happen again.


What is your MAC address?

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