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New gaming Mode (Modification of capital)



it woudl be interesting if one could choose a capital in all countries, and not just in the countries one owns at the beginning.

A player would then loose if either:
1) He has no countries anymore
2) The country his capital is placed is conquered by another player (eg that player lost his capital and the country is assigned to a different player, or he simply lost the country).

This would offer much more diverse tactics and would be much more difficult/interesting to play.


This is by far the worst suggestion ever posted on this site in 10 Years.


Don't mind Toast, he's always grumpy.

Yes, your idea is poorly explained and written, but it's definately appreciated to see new ideas. I believe this is what you are trying to say or atleast this is a feasable way to make it work:

Every country that you start with is a "core" country (similiar to capitals). But unlike capitals, you need to lose all your cores(capitals) to lose the game. For this to occur, the game would need to create a 2ndary system of colors to highlight which countries are core countries that players have begun with. If a particular core country has been captured, it's gone forever. So even if you capture it back, that particular country will not count as a core. When a player captures the final last 'core' of another player, that plaeyr will gain all the remaining lands and armies that player has on the board.


THIS is now the worst suggestion posted on this site in 10 Years.



I spat my drink out laughing after reading TOAST's reply


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