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Option "Turn off the chat during the game"


I am proposing to add an option to turn off all chat rooms during the game. It happens very often, that frustrated players ruin the game by telling the other what they are going to do: "guys, don't attack me, I am committing suicide on yellow", or "green, open me and I will attack blue"...
And I am not even talking of all the cursing coming from young frustrated players.
I understand that talking can be part of a strategy to "psychologically" influence the game, but most of the time I am tired of arguing with green pea sized brains, and would really enjoy just a quite good game.
Thank you very much in advance.

PS: Are you planning to develop a version for the iPhone? It would make the game very popular and you should easily find banners to make money.


In times like this, only this stuff could make me laugh
"PS: Are you planning to develop a version for the iPhone?"

Although if anyone could get the message sent to Emiel would be nice as it would really be profitable and he would maybe pay more attention...

He could just hire a god damn teen computer-savvy to work on this.


I find it funny too as etilyeti is so out of touch with the reality of what DominateGame is like.


@ Spin_Air: I am just proposing it as an option, like the robot option or any other.
I am not imposing to people who don't want to play with it.


I was talking about the iPhone bit, I completely agree with you about switching game chat off as an option.

Sometimes someone comes along and makes a comment that shows they are not really aware of the situation here at Dominate Towers. Once there was a kid in global chat who had something to complain about who found Aero and said "I'd like to speak to your supervisor". ???? How did he know there was one? He'd seen his parents or older siblings saying that in a shop or something and assumed it applied everywhere. There are lots of other examples.


I like this option, but why not just close the chat window all together? I mean you aren't forced to look at the chatbox. If you are paraniod that people are insulting and you still aren't looking at in-game chat, then restart your application after every game, and you will never know any chat existed.


He wants the option to prevent OTHER PEOPLE being influenced by what they read in chat, not just himself.


Spin Air got it right.
I would like an option to turn off the chat rooms while playing, so no one could influence the game. On top of that, it would prevent kids from cursing during a game.

@Spin Air & SeaBiscuit:
Could you explain your point about the iPhone? Do you mean that it requires a lot of resources that an iPhone could not handle? Do you mean that being on an iPhone is not the philosophy of DG?


I think etilyeti only means the game chatbox. there are lots of situations where the course of the whole game can be altered by people discussing their current game.

For instance, three players are left in a blind game. Player 1 has been saving troops all the game (in siam, for instance). At some point in the game, player 2 takes the lead, end gets too strong to be defeated by his opponents individually.

Solution 1: Player 2 first takes down player 3, and then goes for player 1 and wins the game and does some funky victory dance.

Solution 2: Player 1 asks player 3 to free his troops, and which they use to defeat player 2 and live happily ever after.
(in the end, player 2 gets pissed, but eventually he is defeated, and players 1 and 3 celebrate by fighting for what's left of the world).

Solution 2 might be avoided if chatting can be turned of, player 1 would have won the game.


then they could just talk in global... and why do you assume they are young hmmm?


Because it's young people like you who cause all the grief and pain in this world.

Just kidding :-)

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