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Problem with my game, always freezes


I put this in the complaint board as well because I'm not sure which one this belongs in. I get into a game it works fine until randomly during someone's turn the clock just runs out to 00:00 and stays there for about 15 minutes. It can't be my internet connection because i have rogers high speed, I can send messages in the chat with no problem during the freeze period, I just can't read anybody else's type, it all appears when the game becomes unfrozen, and I have already timed out several minutes ago. Anyone have a similar problem and/or know how to fix this? Thanks in advance


Did u read the FAQ part of this site. Maybe ull find ur answer there


I've read the FAQ and there is nothing in there about the problem I am having. I have played this game on and off for a year or two now, but this problem has only started happening recently.


this some that use happens in the past...
more and more plps get lags and
finally it gets loaded and site crash into
a collaps , *because emiel isent at home and
re-set server whatever needed to be re-set
...because he on-hollyday ??
but i most say in genral :
server never been better,,,
and there few plps that complain it's laggy


After reinstalling the game for the third time it seemed to finally be working. But that only lasted a few games and I'm getting the same lag again. Anyone know how i can fix this problem? Keep in mind I have a high speed internet connection, so that can't be it.


Please be careful, some times the server lags, which means EVERYONE is technically witnessing the same problem. If this is happening on a daily-weekly basis then this is another problem. This is really out of the blue too, but make sure your using the NON-browser based version (aka how most people play).

My only other suspicion, but I doubt this, maybe on dial-up connections this could be the issue. The only other thing that comes to mind is don't run other online bandwidth programs. Open internet explorer/mozilla windows can eat up that stuff sometimes.


i dont know where to ask so i will ask here!

why dont i see timer in right upper corner??????


try using the online app or vice-versa


Yea, I too seem to be randomly lagging out of games... it will work fine for several turns then randomly I won't be able to press any buttons and I'll helpless watch the timer for my turn run down to 0 then the applet will reset and I won't be part of any games.
This is incredibly frustrating.


Sometimes there are little cuts on internet connections, programs like messenger, and torrent programs don't show it because its more short then half a second, but programs like Dominate Game who use all seconds can't have cuts on internet connection, try to get a better connection.


wrong. it happens on any connextion

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