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New option


A nice additional option would be "only winner receives points".

If this option is enabled, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth place would all be equivalent. Positions 2-6 lose to the winner, but they don't win or lose to each other. So everyone loses points, except the winner. This will discourage second placing.

I'm sure this option would quickly become very popular.

Also, please check



A suggestion many of us have made in the past, Vegeta.


Of course. Any reasonable thinker would come up with that idea.

The question then remains why it hasn't been implemented yet.

This, of course, has to do with the fact that Emiel is done making revisions of the game. Fine, but then REMOVE THE SECTION "'UGGESTIONS' FROM THE FORUM. Asking for suggestions suggests that the suggestions will at least be taken into consideration.


I think that's something else I've suggested in the past too. :)

However this forum has been useful to those of us trying to make our own improvements, such as map-makers trying to make better maps.


Or that plug in? Add on? w/e created by some dude that warns us when a games starts. I use it.

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