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more than 2 year ban?


Hey admins,

I've been banned from the game for more than two years. About 6 months ago I posted my assurance that I would play by the rules and requested to be unbanned. However, I never received a response.

I think more than two years is a sufficient ban. Could I please be unbanned? As before, I assure that I will play by the rules.


2009 March 14, 21:49 3 * kak, Oskariii, lardoman, mousse, liziebordn, gazy3

2009 March 11, 09:22 2 * kak, lardoman, ducktrap, P_STAIN, F-er_Up-er, decta

2009 March 11, 08:16 4 * kevlar_421, earthone, P_STAIN, lardoman, mpike

2008 December 27, 09:56 2 * P_STAIN, lardoman, jazzmatazz, cocelove, patrick11, bedrock

you playing,,,? so you not (still) banned... : )


hejj, ik heb nieuwe account aangemaakt met de naam - akkerman20 - alleen ik kan niet inloggen, hij logt wel in maar ik kan nergens op klikken ofzo, ik snap er niks van, en als ik doe --wachtwoord vergeten-- dan krijg ik geen mailtje met nieuw wachtwoord... wat nu??


Yeah I have been playing but on a different computer. It seems somehow only my laptop is still effected by the ban. I haven't been able to play on it for more than two years.

I'm not technically banned I suppose so much as being inconvenienced because if I want to play risk I have to play on my 15 year old computer that is quite slow...

If I try to log on from my laptop I get the message, "You are banned"


Is there anything I can do about this?


Hmmm the story is changing. No mention of the ban being only on one computer before.


Thats because they ban the IP address and not the nickname.

You should be prepared to wait a few weeks for the admins to unban your IP address as doing such a task is quite difficult for them even though they do it daily.



Looks like this situation was resolved. If problems occur, please respond.


Unfortunately it has yet to be resolved.

My laptop computer is still banned but I can play the game just fine on my other computer. Regardless of where I am and what internet connection I use, this laptop still seems to be banned indefinitely.

I still get the same old message "login failed, you are banned"

I don't know exactly what to do...


How do I get my buddy's oc unbammed? Since I banned it.


Apparantly New doesnt want to unban. He banned me because I caught him cheating. He hasd more accounts than he admits too. He even bvanned my friends IP so I couldnt post from it anymore. I still can play from home though. Moop out.


ive been lokking thru the forums, u r not alone. this site sux.

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