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How are ratings calculated?


I'm trying to understand how this works. It seems that my change in ratings seems to depend on who I played.

Is that so?

I know how levels work. Interested to know how the ratings get calculated.


how do levels work ?


use that to calculate ratings. How they are calculated precisely... have no clue


I'm working on the formula.


Oh god, here we go.


how do levels work?

on another game i played 1 game and won and jumped to a level 2.


Hey well, look... I'm confused here. My rating goes up very slowly, I would make 20 points when I win a 6-game and I seem to lose point when I end up 2cd or 3rd in a 6-game (and it's not due to previous unfinished games kicking in. I keep my eyes on that).
I loose 104 points when I end up 5th or 6th (included when I get disconnected...)
I see other players with up to 6 games with no victory and they still manage to keep up a 1700- 1800 rating although their max could have been no more than 1900 - I loose too much rating too fast ! It's a... rating-o-raeggie. What can Ido doctor ?
So is there some weighting realted to the Level? Am I victim of a conspiration? Do other players use tricks or tricked games to increase their rating?
Thanks for your answer, Oprah.


I've jsut made 2 points by being second on a 6 game....


oookkk - I've just looked at the link above. Sorry, didn't get there before. So rating is related to the ratings of other players in the game. But it means you CAN LOSE points when you finish 2cd in a 6-game (if you play with people with much lower rating than yours). That's ... well anyway.

In summary, one must play with players of HIGHER ratings than your. Otherwise even if you win, you loose.


Bump, This still works


Factor in:
6th place = -1,2,3,4,5th rating
5th place = -1,2,3,4th/+6th
4th place = -1,2,3rd/+5,6th
3rd place = -1,2nd/+4,5,6th
2nd place = -1st/+3,4,5,6th
1st place = +2,3,4,5,6th

Every place is calculated based on all other rating EX: 6th place was 1500 and loses pts from(1400,1503,1673,1802,1762)

The only question left to ask is what % is lost from each rating aka a 1400 from a 1500 in that forumula.


How is your rating effected if you leave a game in second place?


it is the same as being killed in second place


no one gets killed in dominate game.

nobody dies .

it is just a game.




Isn't it how you contract an STD? Cause I didn't get it from your _____ (mom, dad, dog, insert word)?


Ur level goes up by the following:
If you r in a game with people with all the same level and u take 1st your level goes up. If u lose that game then u drop a level.(Obviously it doesnt drop if u r at level 1).


The rating formula is too unstable. There needs to be a dampening effect on more games played and not be slapped with a huge negative adjustment if taking last place. in a 6 player game, taking last has little to do with skill or lack thereof (normally).


There is a tremendous problem with the rating system.

A 1900 player can go down to 1600 in about 6 games. And vice versa. That's ridiculous.

When I see someone at 1800, it's literally more likely that they've been on a short-lived hot streak than that they're good.

It's ridiculous.


At the risk of adding more to a 5 year old thread that has been dead for over 2 years:

The good players at, or over, 1800 have earned their points and will not risk losing them to weak players; so your theory of a 1600 player getting to 1900 in 6 games is way off. Generally the "higher ranking" players play withing x points of their own rating and thus there is no steep climb (1800 losing to 1700 is the same as 1500 losing to 1400, but 1800 losing to 1400 is devastating).



Are you playing on this website?


I have no problem with a rating system. I also could care less how it is calculated, or what my rating is.
I play every game to win that game if possible and if it isn't possible or if for any number of reasons I go after another player (such as them being a teamer, etc.) it is never because of his or her rank.
I have been playing here a long time. I have had high ratings and low ones. I will play in any game even if everyone else is way below me and I can lose a lot of rating points. Who cares? I am here to enjoy each game in its own right.
Of course the problem with rating systems is those who abuse the games simply to gain a higher rank. You know, they target you for your rank, or secretly team up (so childish) with others to jointly raise rank.
If everyone just focused on playing every game as an individual and to win as one, people would find their ranks and ratings rise pretty high over time.
If you care about your rank over time just play. No childish nonsense is necessary.

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