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The fall of Dominate Game


I love Dominate Game. I played risk for hours as a kid and became instantly addicted when I found Dominate Game online. I have been a plus member for several years and enjoyed the benefits of no banner in the center and multiple handles. But the frequent down-times and the problem with lag that causes me to lose so many games finally caused me to give up my membership. It would have been easy to offer a trial membership for 3 months and then charge $5 to join. Once enough people had joined, the price could have been slowly raised. That would have allowed funding for a better server. Instead, no one wants to pay for a poorly run game that you can play for free. So there is very little money, a lousy server held together by twine and duct tape and very few referrals. As a result, it seems like it takes forever for games to fill now because, instead of the game growing in popularity, people are getting disgusted and leaving.


lol @ the stalking a player warning


Isn't that funny. I live a normal life in middle America with no history of legal problems. But on DominateGame, I am labeled a STALKER. So don't mess with me!

When I started playing this game, I told everyone about it. But now, I would be embarassed for anyone I know to see that I am really a DominateGame stalker. So I stopped telling friends about the game. That is just one more reason that DominateGame is unsuccessful--certain administrators who treat people unfairly and thereby decrease referrals of new players to the site.


I notice that you have been warned twice. How many more warnings before they ban you?


Acually, I see that you are already banned. Now that is funny.

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