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A sound when its your turn and a sound when game starts.



There should be a sound when the games start.
or a option for it to use it or not.
Often i host a higher rated game and that takes sometime a bit time so i go in the garden or so somthing else away from the pc.
and often the game allready started and i,m out.

Isnt it easy to put a sound into the game like in the poker games?


Maybe its also a good idea, to use a sound when the site is down, or better a big Alarm.
I need my games snik.(for Emiel)


thats might be an ide , Rico

an option button to ad sound or not
for the start. and y turn ,*
(and (sceary moviesound) last 10 sec.) :P

good idea i go for it.


ps. se u in members :) (when ,Emiel get back.)


That would be fun that you have the option to trow a scary sound in the game when you want to.

But ques everybody will send sounds maybe the server will be lost easier than now.

but just a simple peeep or beep and indeed the option to use or not would be a good idea.
good idea caramba

)emiel what do you think?


Yea, i've seen the sound per turn on another risk-like game. It's pretty helpful, but I dont see it being made anytime soon.


ok a other idea for Emiel.

If you can accept paying by sms like on other sites.

You can Buy Ratingpoints Up to 2000 max
lets say € 1,50 or $ 3,- you will have 500 points
on the account you dont have to be member for it.

That way some people that never makes the 2000
maybe wants to buy these points.

That way we have more 2000 + games to
and maybe emiel gets more money to keap this site working, or maybe he can buy a alarm program for the site for if he crash down the pc call him and say" Emiel i,m down help us"

Maybe we should organize a day of discussion with Emiel offcorse cause hes the one who desides if he wants help or just want to leave it like this.

we could help him and promote him on other sites forums and every where.
if we all put our minds together we can get new members.

But we need to know what Emiel needs first.

Mogolian you are closer to him cant you try to arrange something


It seems pretty unlikely that there will be any more development of the Dominate software. But that doesn't mean that it can't be modded.

For instance, it would be cool if the PC played a sound when the game launched, as Rico suggested. We can't alter the client software, but maybe we could write a program to monitor the messages exchanged between the client and server and play a sound when the 'game launched' message arrives?

I don't know enough about packet sniffers to do this, but maybe someone in the community does. YDN?


I always drop out of games from missing the start. Especially on Rome games because they can take so much longer to get started.

A packet sniffer would be one way, Simble. But - the client program uses an embedded Tcl interpreter and "sources" any .tcl files in the Scripts directory. There are a few limited custom commands provided by the client. Using a few of these commands we can tell when a game starts.

I started playing around with this when I read this thread yesterday. And I came up with this.

I was able to add a console in the chatbox so you can interactively run commands in the embedded Tcl interpreter.

Get a list of available commands:
info commands

Test the game start alert sound:

Change the game start alert sound (see the Sounds folder):
setGameStartSound Sounds/sound4.wav

List players (copy/paste 1 line at a time -- newlines don't work):
foreach user [users] {
set rating [userinfo rating $user]
puts "$user: $rating"

The alert sound is played when a game you're in or watching starts. Also, I added in a timestamp to chat messages, and non-members can see who is in the members-only chat.

I haven't tested this on Vista, but it should work. I'm only worried about twapi (the extension I used to play the sound files). If it doesn't work on Vista then we can use a different extension.

Now, add some more features, Simble!




Another early Christmas present. The game start sound works beautifully (as do the other examples) but I'm not sure I'm ready to get my head around Tcl yet - I plan to have a few distractions over the next few days :)

Have a great Xmas YDN!


works on vista, thanks


The sound play when the game starts. Thanks! How about a sounds when it is your turn? That would be great!


We want the sound when the game start... Come on people you are here to do as a want - So get to it.


Link gone for the mod YDN posted, any chance of a repost?

Keep missing games because of browsing...


How about you stop looking at porn while playing dom & instead you can concentrate more on playing the game. Problem solved.



But I LIKE looking at porn.


I've recently reinstalled DG. Does anyone have a copy of YDN's utility?

The link above doesn't work anymore. The file's called DGModInstall.exe.

Come on guys, search your hard disks, let's get this great little program back into circulation.




I put it in the General Chat.


It's a fine idea, I agree. Thought of it myself.


it shouldnt be hard at all to add a swf file for sound and php code it in.... i actually have sound alerts on my game when ppl get attacked or messaged its a very simple code snippet.

the problem is and what ive seen over 6 years here is no one cares who maintains and runs was a school project thrown on back burner makin minimal money here n there and prob moved on to bigger and better things...

to me its shame..... this is by far the best online risk out there and beats playin the real thing...who knows mayb it will be sold to someone who cares or has time i know and seen many times ppl offering.


Can you give us the code snippet, or can you upload another modified DG client with the sounds?


There's a copy of the file DGModInstall.exe in the file section of the dominatemapgroup Yahoo group here:

or here (if your client doesn't like line breaks):

That's the file you need to get a sound played when the game launches.


I made something like this with autoit.


I tottaly support the sound per turn idea!


Any progress on the sound per turn idea?


Went ahead and made a script to give a sound per turn. Works well with DGMod's sound for the start of the game.

Download the script from the DMG site:



Updated version at:


a sound win game starts and win it is your turn wood be the best thing i see a lot of players lost cuz thay was doing some thing wile thay wait for all the players needed to start the game and git kicket out from the timer and thin the game is not as fun win thare is not the right amout of players win game starts so i think it wood be better with sound thank you

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