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Incentive to stop 5+ hour games


It feels like 70% or more of 1800 rated players are too hard-on for their ratings and never make any 'risks'. Try playing a game with six 1800's and viola, 5 hour game!

Why not have a 2ndary rating system that could work like any of the following:

- Player A who kills Player B recieves X amount of points based on A&B's rating.

- Or, a simplified version, players are simply rewarded points by killing opponents. The usual point formula is applied for points won & lost via 1st-6th, but atleast there is incentive to see players try to defeat other players. This would also mean a slight modification in the point system, but overall, more points are won then lost by players who defeat players.


Dont worry folks its just Mongolian talking to himself again ;)


not a bad idea at all!!!!
Im in for it


Well its sad that there are a lot players that suiside when you blocking them.
cause that will make the game time shorther.
Maybe its better to take points for useless suiside actions and ad some points for killing someone.

If you only count score for killing people.
Than a lot more suiside actions will follow.

I Rather play a long game with 5 good Nr1 players.
Cause thats what it is in a 5 our game they all want to win it.
And most of the time a kill means to be killed.
In increasing offcorse.

- Player A who kills Player B recieves X amount of points based on A&B's rating.

Lol Than the highest rated player will be dead soon. Just for the points and so higher rated player will be in favour to be killed first.

Maybe 10 points for a kill extra or less

but not to much cause that will change the whole game.


i thought you already did get points from killing fools. now i know why my rating still sucks nuts


Hey isn't this partly link to the discussion on the crazy dice ? It's VERY risky to attack big time. You sometimes loose 15-to-1. This trend of loooooong boring game is actually increasing. This added to the rednecks insulting everyone and the unfortunate server break downs makes it hard to find a real good game, at times.


Again..there would be

(1) Small satisfaction in killing opponents.
(2) Reward to attack vs currently rewarding 2nd placers.

The other option is simply, having emiel change back the dice formula to slightly favor attacker vs defender as it is now.


Whats the point in suggesting all this. Emiel is never going to change anything. He probably hasent even noticed the site/game is down. it could be another week before he checks in and realizes

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