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ok i want to start programming bots with tcl have downloaded 8.4.6 i did read the readme they readme says i could find a link 2 open the program in the start//programs menu
it was not there...
i did make a shortcut also didnt work
i downloaded a script and changed it 2 tcl

So my Question to you is where can i find a icon 2 start the program

it looks like im a noob but i have worked with tcl in the past
somebody please help me im getting really annoyed



and where is the quote button on this forum

i also got 8.3.5 same problem


No quote or edit button here, sorry.

You do know where you installed the programme right? In that directory there should be a file with which to start...


no i just extracted the files....
no installation program included


Tclsh.exe or Wish.exe

They should be in the "bin" directory of whatever directory you installed tcl in. Make sure you didn't download the source release by mistake. If you did, what you need instead can be found here:


To start with, download an 8.3.5 version to be compatible with the bot server. Second, did you get a full-on kit, for example from ActiveState? Finally, there is no 'start'. It's a language that you need to build something in to be able to start. If you get the AlphaTk editor, you have both an editor that is Tcl savvy (there are plenty of others) plus it is a Tcl app, so if it runs, it is proof that you have Tcl installed appropriately.


Thanks for the help (oblivium is another account of me dont ask me why)
are there any help site of tcl commands
i have been reading some other scripts of bots and the pages of this site but i dont want to just copy it in...
i want 2 learn something of it too


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