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SUGGESTION for the timing out problem


I hate it when im in a game for several hours and i kicked out because at some point im not paying attention for 45 seconds.

i think it may be a good idea to update the program so that it will make a subtle sound or something when it is your turn.

maybe some of you play online poker on Pokerstars, then you will know what i mean.

i dont know how easy/hard this is to realise, but i hope this can be done because i really dont like getting kicked out for not paying attention 100% of the time.


It won't be realised anytime soon. You could become member and use option 3, which allows you to let the time run out, skip turns and still be in the game.


ye well when i make my own games i will use option 2/3, but sometimes some friends will make a game and a lot of people selection option 1.

why does everyone do that btw?


Because option 3 only works for members and most people aren't member.

Some people think it's unfair to play with that option against members so why would they start a game with option 3 for them...


ok i didnt know that :)


Not to mention members get to keep enemy-friend lists, use more then the 1 min timer during games, get a member chat box, have no pop-ups in the game, and won't have any of your accounts deleted if your inactive over a month.


Hey Mongo...You work on commission?


haha i reckon

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