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New Dom forum donations


I am a ancient in gaming,game clan forums and hosting promotions.I ask that Dom consider a new FORUM data entry and be more liberal towards SIGS and yes a new entry of the SIGS options.
Many here have visited cool forums with many options and Im sure would share a dollar or 2.

I honestly believe if more of these options are present more users would feel better about paying for a user account.


What does SIGS mean?


Sigs = Signatures ie a graphical image that the user creates underneath his post. Akin to avatars


It really wouldn't cost much to host a phpbb based forum to this game. I hosted 4-10 such forums at any given point in time for my last game and it didn't cost me an extra cent.

The only problem would be connecting the database from dominategame to the database with the forum. Who has access? If only the site owner has access, who appears to be MIA, then this would be impossible anyway.




Maybe we should have a special children's forum for under 16s to avoid immature comments on this one?

No, that wouldn't be fair on Rush who is perfectly mature despite being the same age as certain others.

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