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Suicide Intervention


Suiciders ruin the game, just as do 2nd placers. I came up with the means to deal with second placers, but it has not been implemented.

In dealing with suicide attacks, I propose a method that can actually also help ward off second placing.

While there are at least 3 players in a game, if the attacker, in ONE TURN, successfully wins at least two countries from one defender and does not have at least 20 armies more than the defender's sole occupied country and makes any kind of attack on defender's last country, then the attacker is automatically removed from the game and all the countries occupied by the attacker on the following turn will be owned by the defender, unless conquered by another player.

Modifications could be made, but I figure this is the first meaningful method presented that could be incorporated into the game to help ward off suicide attacks.


Are you stoned?


Or maybe he should be? LOL




Sign the petitions for the new rating system so that 2nd-3rd place same points. Until that happens, no justice will stop people form 2nd placing.


I want to speak up in defense of suiciders. I suicide frequently. For instance, if sa takes na with a moderate force and then europe turns in cards and i KNOW he could bump sa out, and he attacks elsewhere...or even worse, places and does not attack anybody...then europe becomes my target.

Or if some jackass ruins my game in some fashion I will suicide on him.

I never suicide just for shits and giggles, or to finish 3rd instead of 4th, but I do suicide when in my mind it's "justified."

I recognize that it oftentimes screws up the game for others, and I regret that, but I hate to see pussies win by never attacking the threat, letting others do all the work and swooping in late.

That being said, where's the damn petition for making 2nd & 3rd equal in ratings points?


"I never suicide just for shits and giggles, or to finish 3rd instead of 4th"

The problem is I imagine including yourself Santino, when the game is balanced with 3 players left or 4 lets say. If there is balance in the game, something has to change. So 3-4 people left. Person A attacks person B, where you person B are going to suicide just for breaking your continent. There are so so few players out there, that don't go full force attacking back or "suiciding". Hense forth, Risk advocates people playing like pussies versus people such as yourself rewarind people for strategic attacks. People need to stop taking attacks so personally and think about it from a balance stand point.

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