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Is it possible to get new backgrounds to design maps ?


Hi everybody !

I would like to design 2 new maps :
- one of Middle Earth putting the emphasis on cities and keeps of the war of the ring

- one of Arrakis (of Frank Herbert's Dune), also putting the emphasis on the holds and the spice fields

Is it possible to get or design new background maps ? or even a blank one, without seas ? (which would kinda be appropriate as far as Arrakis is concerned :p)

Not being native English, i'm unsure wether "background map" is understandable : i mean the map you get before you draw the borders between countries and continents.

Thanks for your answers, which will be even more appreciated if i don't have to use a slang (or chickenshishi) dictionnary to understand them :p

Face the sheer truth : learning english in university doesn't enable you to cope with real world language ;)


Dammn, i posted too quickly, spir_an seems to have designed a grey map already ... i'll try to extract the information from his crafty mind, that will help me to design Arrakis at least :)

Also, if anyone can help me to install these files, i'd be happy to use your software skills, mine being quite poor, i have to admit. I'd rather use skype for a step by step explanation if possible ... my skype nickname is Kerdeen and I'm french, though i speak english.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Termagant, I've replied to you on the DMG. For everybody else's benefit I'll copy it here:

You're welcome mon ami. :) I'm glad to see someone actually wants to use my grey background! Here's what to do.

Go to the Files section in this group - in the panel on the left.
Within Files, go to Backgrounds.
Then to Spir-An's.
Then you see the file "AllGrey.png" named... click on it.
It will either start to download, or will display the background.
Either way, save it to your hard drive.
The folder where it needs to go on your hard drive is "C:\Program Files\DominateGame\Maps", or the equivalent of that in French.

OK now you have the AllGrey background present to use. Here's how to use it itself:

You need to temporarily rename one of the background files already there to something else, so you can use its name for the AllGrey one.
I suggest NorthAmerica.png - change it to e.g. "NorthAmerica (real).png". Then change AllGrey.png to "NorthAmerica.png".
Then you can start DominateGame and make a map on the all-grey background. To do so choose the "north america" slot at the start of map-making.

Here's how to use the AllGrey background to make your own new background:

Start up a graphics editor like MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop or others.
Open the AllGrey.png file in it.
Edit the background as you want. If you want lines to appear that will divide countries, or show up on a map as graphics like mountains, symbols, writing, draw in the "sea colour". That's the dark blue colour you see on normal backgrounds, and at the very edge
of the AllGrey background. Use the 'eye-dropper' to pick up the colour, then whatever painting tool to draw.
Save your edited background under a new name.
Rename your new background to one of the five standard background names as with the AllGrey - NorthAmerica.png again, or some other.
Don't forget to rename that one to something else first, so as to keep it.
Start up DominateGame, start the map-maker, choose the slot you have used to rename, you should get your edited background as the one to draw on. Hopefully the lines you have drawn in sea colour show up.

Instead of sea colour it may be possible to use black in the graphics editor. I'm not sure, you may have to experiment. Other map-makers have done better than me. :)

Once you have a completed map, if you want other players to play on it you have to get them to get a copy of the background. Players that don't have the background will just see a mess if they enter a game on your map.

Also, if you do make a successful map you must save it by whatever means, or otherwise it will cease to exist after 7 days. Use either the official facility on the website that downloads a .map file to you that you can re-upload later, or the downloader program made by YouDieNow that's on this group, or both.

I hope you can follow these instructions, Frederic, and make a successful map. :) I would love to play on either a Middle Earth or Arrakis map. If you look back thru the messages on this group you will see I have suggested such things before - I made a Middle Earth map, but it was using the Africa background. I'd love to make a Mars map.



thanks for the swift and detailed answer ! i'll keep you informed of my efforts :)


the confusing thing about this post is even if you use an all gray-background, the original blue sea areas are still affected. In other words, an all land map is never really possable, correct?


What do you mean "the original blue sea areas are still affected" Mongo? Do you mean anyone who doesn't have the new background won't see an all-grey land mass but will see patches of sea? Well that's certainly true, altho it's also the case that it messes up more than that: there are patches of black where the two backgrounds don't match. This is why for anyone to play on a map made on a non-standard background it's necessary for them to acquire the new background, and replace the standard one in the same slot as the game-starter.

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