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Extra penalty for pressing the "leave" button


I've discussed this with a number of people and everyone liked it- there should be an extra penalty for leaving early. Something like a 25 point penalty would be an extra deterrent for people who press the button before the game is finished. Nothing sucks more than starting a game and being one player down after a couple of turns because they didn't like the start they got, or blew their wad trying to win to quick and got frustrated. It affects everyone else's game as well, because you postition yourself presuming they'll be there. I'm no programming wiz, but it shouldn't be hard to do.


pressing leave should be awarded i feel....
since it helps others to win a game its a very generous thing to do and should get u a bonus of lets say 10 points!!


Currently the rating system for 1-6 is places is the culprit. It's not directly about people leaving.

1st place should currently be awarded a vast more amount of points vs. 2nd-3rd out of 6th. There are just too many 2nd place players out there.

The heavy penality should be those that come in at 4th-6th. I've probally won more share of games never owning a continent then owning too btw. This should answer your Q bburkie.

FYI, we need to get more people together to sign a petition for a new rating point system. Heh.


You won games never owning a continen. How did you do that?


(I think a new idea for a rating system would be good)

Anywho, what if someone is stuck in a game, but _needs_ to leave? Then they lose their rating and probably some respect :-/


Luke2000 2007 December 30, 10:16

You won games never owning a continen. How did you do that?

thats very easy, he takes mongolia, waits untill everybody smashes everybody and then kills the remains.....


It won't change a thing. There are even 5th placers these days, who just permanently lost their continent and consequently just suicide on the lone sucker without a continent in order not to get last place.

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