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OK, I just downloaded the TLC program


Will someone please make a list of items one must go through to effectively create and upload a bot in simplest terms?

Note: I have programmed in several languages so if the necessary procedures would simply be made available in an easy format along with a good robot's program, then I'll tweak it and see what I come up with.



first sorry for my english, my native lenguage is spanish, and im not very skillful writting in english.

Is not necesary to install tcl interpreter, you only must to write a file for example ("mybot.tcl") with the procedures that the server will call. The TCL procedures that are available to robot developers and the Tcl procedures you need to write are in "Documentation" in the menu.

After you have written the necessary procedures, you must go to "Your Robot" section, down in the menu, login and "Upload a new robot"

After you have uploaded the robot it may take a couple of minutes before it appears in the robotlist in the game. Be patient.

Hope that will help you.


You can start by downloading RandomBot by Emiel (place 488 atm), this is the most simple robot...

btw you only need an editor like notepad to write your code...


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