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Need a big change in this level feature.
Seen too many 1300 players with high levels such as 7.

You have a bad start, just leave game and be 4th 5th or 6th and you do not lose a level.
Remain in game and end up 3rd, you lose a level. Sux!

Also it encourages teaming even more than ratings do. Four players left & three of them are level 3 while 4th player is level 2. Who do you think is goiing to get killed first?

I saw some games where they chatted about that. Saying "hey if we kill off red, then we can have a level game".

Even if they are not caught chatting about it, you knowit's in the back of their minds. Those that care so much about levels that is.

LEVELS should ONLY count when LEVEL OPTION is on.

Or somehow have LEVEL OPTION games to where anyone at LEVEL setting and above can play and have it to where ONLY 1st increases by 1, 2nd remains same, and ALL 3rd,4th,5th,6th go down 1.




† <b>I agree something needs to change with the level system. Maybe even remove it completly? </b> †


no..dont remove the level system! How else am I supposed to get a laugh when someone wants is showing off by telling me they have a lvl. 7 with their 1400 rating?


AGREE with parmley to completly remove it..
and add it again if we reach* like 800-1000 gamers on-line....
and for newbees they ARE just another thing they dont understand...



Look, this game has basically not changed for years, and no suggestions are going to result in anything..

And levels wasn't part of this game until more than a year ago, when the author suddenly came back and added it. It is just an immature functionality that would have changed since then if the author would have been active.

if any suggestion is in lace nowadays, it would be that to close the suggestion forum, it just gives new players high hopes of change, but nobody actually listens apart from some members who act like they own the place..

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