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Registration Pending?


How long does it normally take for a new registration to process? I paid via PayPal yesterday and my account has not changed yet.



Typically six to nine months.

Did you pay 25 dollars or 25 euros?


Normally instantly.


this site is too screwed up to warrant paying.

understandably, if there weren't the constant problems, it'd be worth $5 per year as the game alone is good.


I guess that's because your monthly allowance isn't much higher than that?


pakezel, you have no right to talk poorly about anyone... Look at how many nicknames you have and how much you play... you obviously need to get a life.


Perhaps you should get your facts straight and realise that those games were played over several years and that i hardly play anymore.

I btw fail to see what couching up EUR 25 relates to having played a lot. But good point nonetheless, cheers.

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