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annoying: dropping from game too often


These days I am getting dropped from games too often... which is damn annoying, especially in winning positions.
The game is just freezing and I do not see any moves in the game, I suppose I am dropped from the server, though my internet connection is okay.

Admins: what could be the reason?



Extra annoyment: I cannot join another game as the application shows I am not logged is.
Then, when I re-log in, it says, sorry I am already logged in, and I can only rejoin a few minutes later.

Do not tell me it's a feature, it's an annoying damn bug. :)



In that situation it's handy to have a second account.


Join the club. Brutal performance from this game lately. get dropped from games all the time. It is orse than ever. Feh!


(W)orse than ever.



I know..they are patching the OS right now, yeah, that's it! That's the TICKET!

Bumping up the bandwidth, yeah...

Installing another server to create a failover scenario, YEAH!


I am still having the extremely annoying problem and it has been a year and nothing has happened. That is encouraging.


It's been almost a month, I can't play a complete game. Most of the time, after I place the armies, my game is frozen. My turn never comes :( Nothing has changed on my end. My internet connection is the same (fast). However, I am not a paid member, but I don't see how this could be related to my membership status. Is there anything I can do on my end?


Do your other online games/programs run normal speed? Does your PC overall run ok? Unlikely, but it could be a virus or your computer is slow/overworked. Try running a defrag & antiviruses. Lastly, try seeing what the game is like without any other programs that could be eating up bandwidth like online radio's or possably an anti-virus.


Mongo - I think you toil away as a mod under the mistaken belief that Emiel is running this game from a sleek hi-rise in downtown Amsterdam using supercomputers maintained by glamour models in tight fitting uniforms. Hate to break this... but he's running it from his bedroom using an old P2 he purchased from ebay for $10 - spending what tiny amounts he can beg outta paying members to maintain his drug habit

The server goes down as his electric meter runs out of credit - it stays down because he's outside Mickie D's begging for change..


What kind of drugs does he take ?

He must be high, because several people get dropped in most games i play in.

I think it is a fun feature though. It is kinda like a nuke hit them, or maybe an asteroid.

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