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VOTE to give this site more money. **read details**


I propose a 2-tiered membership.

One that already exists and one that has NO member benefits except simply being able to keep ONE nickname without its rating reverting back to 1500 from inactivity and paying $5 per year for this.

simply say "YES" or "NO" to this. If enough people say yes relative to any possible nos, then I'll make a try and forward to the owner the findings.


To give ample time to allow people to determine if they want to pay, there could be a 40-game trial period. after that, a person has to make up their mind to pay $5 US or the hefty $30+US (25 euros).






Fuck NO


I feel pretty strong about NO for the $5. All current members would downgrade to the $5 plan resulting in alot less $$$. The users that want to spend $5 vs 25 are very insiginificant too. There will be a good amount of players that want it, but so many people say they will give $5 and not. And way too many teenagers who don't own CC anyhow and will never get to that.

It also means more time and money to setup the $5 plan. Your thoughts are noble weakling, but seeing the total # of members downgrade won't help. To make it more sence, Dominategame needs dramatic #'s of people paying $25 or $5 to really make a big change on upper management. And from this history of seeing only X amount of members, it won't affect it dramatically.

If you want the game to be dramatically affected with upgrades means that the game needs advertisors and in-game advertising. Alla that banner you get. That's the type of avenue that Emiel doesn't want. And be happy in some part because I know he loses money on dominate monthly to hold up these huge servers.


I failed to mention, when you create something so big and spend all that dough, that's your luxury to do whatever you want with your baby in non-upgrade vs upgrade.


mongolian 2007 September 20, 09:15
...And be happy in some part because I know he loses money on dominate monthly to hold up these huge servers.

LOL mongolian, you really are a special kind of wanker, aren't you?


i would say no


Well, expect this site to get worse from lag and disconnections.

25 euros equals $35.28 today and that's way too much for a game.

How does

60 members @ 25 Euros

compare with

800 members @ 5 Euros?

(1500 vs. 4000)

Mind you, there'd be many who'd still want to pay $25 Euros to clutter the database with 500 nicknames so not all would simply pay 5 Euros.

It's amazing to see the results above.




"How does 60 members @ 25 Euros compare with 800 members @ 5 Euros? (1500 vs. 4000)"

Why are you assuming those figures?


Begin to do a gamed work good with no lag and crash after that ask the question again...


I am guessing on the first number. The second number is based on the guess, having some experience with price/demand curves. The exact numbers are irrelevant, but rather the proportion and total revenue comparison regardless of the primary guess.

I do expect the demand to purchase a $5 membership, especially if it'd be required after 40 games would be AT LEAST 10 times greater than for the current $35 (25 euro) plan.


60 members at $25 vs 800 at $5..hilarious comparison. You will enver get 800 for $5. ($=euro)

How about: 60 members vs 300 cheap members at $5 a member = even. Not only will we not get 300 more new members, we will get future members paying less with the $5 vs plan.

And another note, $25 is just the standard fee, you can actually donate more if you want to help the game out.

I am in favor of making member fee's lower and a $10 fee to have a 6 month renewal vs 1 year, but beyond that it seems counter productive.




Amazing. Anyone knowing hoe price and demand works would see the benefit. Apparently some businesses go bust from not understanding simple concepts.


The ONLY way this game is ever getting overhauled to bring in new cash is via advertising. Member money is chump change no matter how you slice it and does not pay for servers.


mongo - u seriously think this site has enough members...or game active users to interest any advertiser? I think Emiel would struggle to get anything out of google by linking this site to their program imo


The fact that people actually pay for this dead game is ridiculous. I've paid once, and saw no real benefits from it. I will never support this site again, not with the rampant stupidity possessed by all admins, or the community overall.


pass some of those drugs this way, bro


It is kind of sad,but this site is gone downhill alot even from last year.
lack of players
no game history

I won my membership through a contest put on by another member,I did the same about A year ago for 2 other members.never again will I put one cent into this site.

dominate will be here for awhile,but don't except any chnages for the better.



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