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suggestion for more 'big / high' games


in addition of losing your account after 60 days inactivity:

every period of 15 days in a row you don't play a nickname it loses points (20 for example).
This definitely will result in more higher games and will make the option to update against 2 'noobs' less interesting

For members this period can be strechtched 2 e.g 30 days (and off course still not losing their account/ratings after 60 days)


i really despite losing points for not logging in. That stuff would make me quit this game entirely if I was a high rated. And something to enforce such negativity is not the goal which is supposed to make people want to become members not paraniod humans.


Quote from 'Player Ratings' page from the website:

"Nicknames come 1% closer to the base rating (1500) each week they haven't played."

Took 'm till 2011..maybe 2012? to implement this idea.. and yet; did it ever work?



I'm just shocked there was any change at all, good or bad.

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