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auto-kick makes no sense


When a player accidentaly runs out of time he is instantly kicked from the game. This will dramatically alter the game in an often unrealistic way. Why must it be this way? Instead of kicking the player out, why don't we just skip his turn? This way if the player simply forgot to end his turn or just ran out of time, he can still be in the game, as he rightly should be. And even if someone has decided to leave their computer while still running the game this will only mean a few extra seconds are wasted each turn. The other players won't have to wait long, and the overall gameplay can be more consistent and realistic. So I beg the makers of this fantastic game to please at least make the timer auto-kick an option that the game starter can disable. I think this would please many players and I know it would please me.


If you pay the member fee $25 bucks or whatever it is it wont kick you out. This is an entitlement if you are a member i think but i could be wrong.


Klochinski, you are right but I already pointed out the obvious problem on the other thread.


Oh, I tried to find another thread like this before I made one but I couldn't find one. What is it called?


"Alarm for time runout." :)


why not just look up at the timer?


Bullshit a pays 25$ to be a member and when time run out im auto kick...


It requires option 3 on the game setup.


true, but i think this <b>must</b> be the default option when creating a new game, else there is little benefit for members. You can't expect non-members to care to set the game "correctly" for members and neither should Email expect his member to always setup a game so the can retain their "not getting kicked" benefit.


i agruee... this game would be so much more fun if you dont get automaticly kicked...

read my topic 'timer' for more informatio.


The solution has been said here, but I'm going to repost it so it's obvious for you people who don't read.

Want to not time out?
STEP 1: Buy the $25 membership fee
STEP 2: Create a game with the option 3, and NEVER time out if your a member when it's your turn.
STEP3: wash and rince step with STEP 2.


Just mind the timer........


funny, unfair if not paying.

2 or 3 of 9 games i played and 2 of them surely a win, i timed out right at 1 second and not before. when you are in NA, in a 30 second game i am lucky to get three hits. Amazing. i don't know how some are able to get 15 hits.....have to be in netherlands?

i say for this, whatever is the result of the turn, when time is up that's the end of the turn. in the middle of shifting armies and have a few seconds on the clock, a little lag and just manage to slide the armies and then hit the clock doesn't seem to work...why not whatever the army arrangement at the end of the time, it stand as such?

if this is all a way to get people to empty their pockets, well, that's pretty shady.

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