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7 suggestions + NEW game window


Here are 7 suggestions to improve the game.
Numbers 5 till 7 are the most important in my opinion.

1. The first suggestion is about a bug.
When you press "Move" after you have attacked, the "Attack" button is selected
now and then.
2. Don't remember the last button pressed (Attack or Do or Die) when you enter a
new game. Suppose you used Do or Die in your last game. Then this choice is
also selected in a new game. I think the Attack option is preferred to be selec-
ted here because you have a low number of armies in the beginning of a new game.
3. Do remember a users favorite game settings. This way you can quickly set up a
new game without having to specify everything again.
4. Trading cards. At this moment it's only possible to trade one set of cards at
a time. It would be easier if you could trade any number of sets of cards,
provided that the sets are valid combinations that can be traded.
5. Placement of armies. Allow for the possibility to use the Control key to set a
specific number of armies at one country. It must be possible for the user to
change this specific number of armies.
6. More functionality for the "Do or Die" button. Normally this option lets the
user attack a certain country untill all of his armies are gone, or the country
is conquered. I think it must be made possible to stop the attack when a
certain lower limit has been reached. The user must also be able to change
this lower limit.
7. Reconnect option. When the user loses his connection it must be possible to
reconnect, provided that his time hasn't expired.

See the link below for a view of the game window I would propose.


Addition to 6)
With the lower limit, I mean the armies of the opponent. So the attack should be stopped when the opponent has e.g. only 2 armies left on his territory.

This could be very useful for example when the opponent has the continent Australia with all of his armies placed on Siam, let's say 50.
Suppose you've got 50 armies on India and 40 on China. When you would use Do or Die from India to Siam then one of the things that could happen is that you conquer Siam, but you've got only (say) 3 armies left. Not enough to conquer Australia, or wipe the player out.

With the new functionality you could use Do or Die with lower limit 2. Then you first attack from India until these armies are gone or the opponent has got 2 armies left. And subsequently you attack from China.

Doing the same thing with the Attack button would take way too much time.


Regarding suggestion 6:

I've always seen that as a strategical element, so that you have to watch where you place your armies so that sort of thing won't happen.


these suggestions dont seem plausable or help increas user base dramatically.


What do you mean you can only trade one set of cards at a time? What game have you been playing?

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