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Wit's-end files, Part 1

So...I play through the browser and it runs like crap.

I play thru the regular, non-browser game, it flies.

So, LAG is not the culprit.

All other Java-based apps on my system work fine.

Very new fact I also loaded Vista in a dual-boot config to see if there would be a difference. With Vista running on a different drive, 1GB of very fast RAM, large cache...


The answer is,he doesn't have the time. Anyone else have this problem (It looks like a memory leak in both Firefox or IE7). Runs slower than shit, eventually you lose server contact.


I can only play 2 or 3 games and then it kicks me off the server but i have an irregular connection but could be same problem.


Im curious if any of your anti-spyware is affected by the game speed. Also, other applications running perhaps. Lastly, what is your conneciton like on other games or surfing the web?


That's the thing. Cable ISP connection, very fast, no other issues with any other apps or games. I've tried it on 2 different computers; same result. Latest Java installed, plenty of disk space, etc etc etc

When you see a program eating larger and larger amounts of memory as the game progresses, something just ain't right. Which is a drag 'cause I'm addicted to this game


My Virus Scan doesn't let me play certain games without disabling it. Just seems like something could have denied your connection. If you uninstall and re-install. Same thing?


JonnyD, you might have better luck using an older browser and an OS that was current as of several years ago. Since this site hasn't been updated in many years it's likely to become increasingly incompatible and quirky as new browser versions and OS's and Java updates roll out.

Another thing to check (which I've never looked into because I don't have this issue) is how your firewall settings are set up and processing tcp, udp, or http requests. No idea what is required but it could be that something is throwing a warning repeatedly and then eventually just shuts off.


Thanks, lads, but it is definitely a memory leak. (I'm an old IT hack).

You don't need to change firewall settings when playing a game thru a browser, and the free version also neds no firewall tweaks, no special ports to open, etc.

Anti-virus? Hell, I've tried many different ones, my current is Avast, I tend to stay away from McAfee and Norton, too resource-hungry...and not free... :D

And now the free version is lagging too. I say the server(s) that host this game are overloaded.


Have you ever tried AVG?


Yes, AVG is good. But the antivirus angle is irrelevant.


Another stab in the dark is it sounds like you installed something at some point that is denying connection for dominate.


Nope. In fact, there are 5 computers in my home, and the situation is the same.

Ever wonder why many of the NL folks have the highest scores?


because we are very smart :P


Or because they are more than 50% of the players? LOL.


nope , we are just smart ;)


Copisa, Not saying anything pro or con about your intelligence or the geneal intel of the fine folks in the NL, but I bet you have never lagged in a game and timed out.

They are 50% of the players?


i am a member :P


I have a request for all fine Dominategame Registered (paying) players.

When you start the game, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and bring up the Task Manager on your PC.

Click the "Processes" tab and look for iexplore.exe.

Post the Memory used by Dominategame. When I click "Start Game", the memory used increases to 117,632 K bytes.

This is a hell of a lot of memory. Anyone else see this number?


IE7 is notorious for susceptibility to memory leaks. Not only that but it doesn't even release the memory after you navigate away from the page!

This is sometimes caused when you have circular references that involve both JavaScript objects and COM objects, or Javascript closures without calling some cleanup process in the 'onunload' event. You can also run into issues if the code isn't unhooking the DOM event handlers. (no charge for that Emiel!)

JonnyD, try Firefox 2.0 as it manages memory a lot better than IE7.

Also, with IE7 make sure that you don't have Windows Messenger loaded. Go to Tools/Internet options/Programs/Manage Add-ons. Look for Windows Messenger on the list, click on it and Disable. Restart IE7 and compare memory usage.


I almost forgot...




dominate game isn't listed in task manager as "iexplore", that is your internet explorer windows like lazlo is pointing out.

Dominate game = "Qtdominate.exe" and is clocking in at 42,000K ish for me. That is pretty much no stress on the computer.


Mongolian, have you heard of the 'browser version'? You get to use it if you become a member.




Yes, Mongolian. Become a Member and gain all the benefits.


Lazlo, interesting info.

btw, both Firefox (my preferred browser) and IE7 use virtually identical memory usage when running Dominate.

I'm still waiting for someone to post some Task Manager numbers!!!!! Let's go, TROUBLESHOOT


well if you buy vista you get

1. a computer with some program compatibility problems

2. a computer where vendors can shut off your programs and protects copyright shit by hardware

3. inmho uglier and more resource exhausting system

if I would get a computer with vista I would wipe it in favor of xp or unix anytime.




"if I would get a computer with vista I would wipe it in favor of xp or unix anytime."

You wouldn't know UNIX if it bit you in the ass.


ha ha the UNIX one



Hi, i keep lagging out of my games and i find it very aggravating. It just seems to happen randomly but my rating has dropped severely because of it. Im not a paying member, and i dont play in the browser version. Any ideas why this happens/what i can do to fix it? (my internet connection is completly normal, non-varying, even though im on a wireless connection)


Lag happens every once in a while when the server is running slow. You shouldn't be experiencing lag on a normal basis. When lag occurs, always remember to finish your turn 3-4 seconds before timer runs out and try to play 45-60 sec turns.

If lagging is still occuring, please reply.

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