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Flag game


How about a nrw kind of cap game which would be more like a "flag game" when you capture an enemys flag and you have to bring it to your own flag by manovering it every turn. After you put their flag on your own they die


How would you 'manoeuvre it every turn', Charlie? Would it be that once you have captured their flag (presumably by capturing the country it is in) you are allowed to move it from one country to another each turn? If so that would be quite interesting... Of course people would locate their flag country as far as away from other players' territory as possible, and arm it with a lot of armies to protect it. And once someone else had captured it, they'd better arm it well as they move it from country to country or a third player could capture it in turn. It would make an interesting new form of game, I think it would be especially good in a blind game.



I'm in favor, but I have a sinking feeling that suggestions don't get very far here. I can't complain since it's free I guess...


charles....that is the best idea youve had on this site since you put that picture up so that all the players can get a daily chuckle.


you play quake3 or something charlie?



I play q3.

This is not a new idea.

And i can't see how you can make it in a 6 players game :

When you take a flag :

- what happens if another players kills you when you have that flag : does it return to the owner or do the killer gets it?

- how do you count any points? you just kill all territories of the opponent when you bring the flag back to your flag territory?

- can you return a flag attacking the territory where your flag is at a moment?

- do the territory flag is visible or hidden at the beggining of the game?

==> Developp a bit your ideas, i might help sin ce i find it's a good idea.

But we have to move it from a TeamVSTeam Fast fps game to a 1v1v1v1v1v1 strategy game. There are some pts to design well




i know you do doc :)

i asked if charles plays q3

"- what happens if another players kills you when you have that flag : does it return to the owner or do the killer gets it?"

the Killer gets it, of course :)

PS i just played q3 for the first time in months yesterday, AND I STILL OWN!!!!


Let's see what you can do when the opponent is not called "Anarki" :)

come and get me :)



i beat Xaero on nightmare 15:0



hmm yes we all do buddy :) easily :)


i think my record vs nightmare xaero was like 15:-8 heh

or 15:-12

somethin like that


you really need to come play with q3 community players.
I think you don't really understand the real level. Even the poorest so-called "noob" by the community kicks bots'ass in nightmare.


This is a great idea. How hard would it be to implement?

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