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What's the reason for the two languages used?


This is not a rant, just a question: Why is dominategame using two different (programming) languages? Sticking to either java or tcl seems more logical to me, especially since one of the two could do the same tasks for which both are now used. Doesn't using two languages generate a lot of overhead? I'm intrigued: On what ground was decided to use two languages instead of one?


Java is used for the main game because it is a full, cross platform(kinda), and overall fun to use programming language. Java was not used for robot scripting because it is much easier to implement scripting with tlc. I would think that it would be hard to limit java code to be non harmful, not to mention the fact that everyone would need a java compiler.


TheOneKing -- please ID yourself. Would seem to me that you should have demonstrated knowledge of the DG robot programming environment.

Java and Tcl both run in a controllable sandbox.

What developer doesn't have a Java dev environment? Prolly less than have a Tcl environment.

Having said that, I am fine with Tcl bots. It is just that your arguments are not persuasive.

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