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Missing Bots


Did the owners remove the crash and check bots? will they be making a come back?

just curious.



how did the crash bots play? What were they programmed to do? Maybe I can create some that would be similar.


Those bots would attack the highest number of armies next to theirs and go all out


Suicidal maniaks i would descripe them as....


Cool Boppi, if you could do that, that would be great. I really miss crash ;(


Boppi is back! When's the next bot tournament?


Right after you or boppie have made us a new crashlike bot. ;)


ok i made some crashbots.


Hope you like them and hope they do close to what you were refering to about the old crashbots.

If they don't act similar to the old crashbots please let me know in here or other post I made and I'll make some more changes to them. Or you can send me a personal email message.


oh and YDN, i think bot tourneys are over and done with now since they have a "bot limit".

Not sure what the bot limit is. What is it?


YDN, another thought i just had about robot tourneys.

They put robot limits on games (10 total for nonmembers and i think 20 total for members.... Meaning there can be only 10 bots total in use by nonmembers and only 20 bots total can be in use if members are also using bots..... Meaning an absolute total of 20 bots can only be in use at a time).

They say they did this because bots use up bandwidth and crashes the server.

Well the funny thing is, back when we ran those bot tourneys before the bot limitations were in effect, we were using Jays's BotRunner to run the games and we had like 50 bots running at the same time and it was continuous. Once 1 game was finished another immediatley started. Meaning we had 10 games of 5 bots ea running at same time and when ea game finished another game would immediatley start. And that's not counting all the bots that other players were using in their games. There could have been 70 - 100 bots running at same time.

And now the server crashes more now than it did back then (or it seems like it does). So they can't say the bots are causing the server to crash.

What's your thought on bots using up server bandwidth and causing problems?


dude the bots are awesome! they might have limited the bots to get more members...thanks boppi


thanks Tap and your welcome.

If you ever encounter any problems with any of my bots (like crashing or maybe they aren't exactly like the original crashbots etc.), then please let me know so I can fix or adjust them.

If any of them do crash, please try and remember which bot it was and if possible the circumstance or situation in the game when he crashed.

Have fun.


One of the Crashbots was redflagged, meaning it was probably defective. Since all of the Crashbots are the same, I thought it best to just take them offline.

I have uploaded the code again (CrashX) so that everyone can take a look at it or use it as they see fit. Have fun!

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