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Latest protocol documentation?


Does anyone have or know where I can find the latest protocol documentation? I have one from several years ago but it does not contain the new game options for disallowing robots. This is the main thing I'm looking for since I have a client bot that can start games, but nobody ever joins games that allow server side bots.



I don't know if new documentation exists. We'd probably have to update it ourselves or ask Emiel to.

I just did a test to see what values the #8 opcode (new game) gives. There are 21 values now. There were 18 last time I remember, and they were:

- game ID
- mapID
- map name
- map creator
- place before attack
- capitals
- time limit
- allow same hosts
- replace robots w/ humans
- increment card values
- hide cards
- allow whispering
- blind game
- minimum amount of human players
- minimum rating
- maximum rating
- allow gifts
- receive cards of defeated players

So there are 3 extra values at the end. I also see there are 3 new game options built into the game since I last played around with this stuff:
- type of timer: 1, 2, or 3
- only allow players of the same level
- no robots allowed

So I assume that those last 3 values in the 'new game' message from the server represent these 3 new options. After doing a quick test, it looks like the last value is definitely the "no robots allowed" option.


Yep, that was it. Apparently, I was too lazy to figure it out for myself. But I had hoped I could just read it in new docs.

So timer type can be value 0, 1 or 2
Level only is 0 or 1
No bots is 0 or 1

Thanks YDN

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