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how about a bot tourney


To get rid of all those not working bots the following idea; We organise a tourney and the best...say 50 bots can stay. The rest is out.

And since I saw an idea about sharing info. How about publishing the codes publicly except for the first...20? Then everybody can gether ideas from the minor bots. Those people should then be able to increase there performance.


I'm up for a tourney. My new bot will be ready soon, and I think Wappoo is working on a new fruit bot, and Jay's bluejay is the best bot I've seen play the game yet.

I don't think we should get rid of the losers though. They may lose because their owner is working on it. The copycats should probably go though. Something like 5 out of the top 10 bots in the last tournament were onobot clones or close relatives.

We can have a client bot run the tourney since I haven't seen boppi around in a while.


isn't bluejay a client bot?


Jay said he could make it into a server bot pretty easily.


bluejay is essentially a server bot run from the client. I'd just have to clean up some debugging stuff for it to run directly on the server. I'll make it ready for a tourney, but after i know that the source is safe, or have successfully obfuscated it.

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