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Strategies and Tactics


Wappoo and I had this good idea. Let's keep a list of strategy items for bots to employ. Not actual code, but just ideas.

For example, Jay's new bot will take aussie before it attempts to take asia. It recognizes aussie as a 'pocket' of asia. Considering that lots of bots die trying to secure asia, I think this is a good strategy.

Here's another. putting armies just inside your border instead of on the border can be useful. Most humans use this tactic but hardly any bots do. It accomplishes two things: 1)it allows you to defend a continent without posing a threat to a neighbor. 2)it can enable you to defend more than one border with only one stack of armies.

attacking the strong player. This is obvious for humans, but again, bots hardly do it. If you want to survive you have to maintain a balance of power in the world, unless of course YOU are the strongest. Then again, when humans play, being too strong may be your downfall.


Yes, I think the best way to reach the next level in bot development is for all of us to come together and exchange ideas. I do a lot of things in my bots that others don't do yet. Jay and YDN use strategies that I haven't even thought of. Etc.

We're talking basic strategies, like the ones YDN listed. Developers can still keep their special, unique strategies secret and in any case, the ability to implement the code will restrict use of the ideas to a few good developers.

Anyway, I think of this as a kind of open source solution to dramatically improving DG playing bots. We must reach the next level!

I'll be setting up a site to keep the items in a neater tighter list.


I don't think anyone wants to share their secrets now. The competition is starting to heat up.


Wappoo -- have you set up said site? Also, I am curious what your bots do that others don't do yet.


I never setup the site because there was apparently no interest.

As for my bots, I'm sure there isn't anything they do that others don't. I guess I was thinking things I'd like to do, when I have time.


It would be good to create a bot that plays increasing games the way the should be played... Cash in before your go, not after it


...yup that would be nice, but is not possible.


I will make it my own personal mission to create that bot


Good luck. You will soon find your limitations.


It would have to be a client bot.

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