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Map Making??


When you download dominategame you get 3 maps: the World, Europe and Asia. You can access these maps to draw on them, write on them etc.. So like Jp used to do I drew the boarders on my map so I can upload it having the boarders the exact same every time. When I go to choose the territory for the country I have just named the whole world lights up as if there is no boarders there. Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong? Maybe I have saved the map as the wrong format?




Are you talking about a problem in the process of map-making?


I am. Can you help me out?


Possibly Charlie, but the first point is that this is the wrong forum - this is robots. What you're asking would probably go in Questions.

Now, what stage of the map-making process are you talking about? They are numbered. It sounds like Step 4 "create countries".

If the problem is that when you click on the map to select the land area you want for a country you've just named a lot else of the map turns red, it'll be because you haven't secured the borders well enough (you may have left some gaps). See my "How To Create Good Maps on Dominate" thread that I wrote in Suggestions forum, step 4.


There are no gaps. I know because after a few tests i thought the same thing and decided to make a square. The boarder for this square was about 10 boarders think, just to make sure it wasnt the gaps.

The whole point in me posting this here rather than in questions is that people who make robots are well up on the game and should know a thing or two about maps rather than people who go to questions to ask basic rules about the game..


omg, i figured it out. It was so simple i didnt even try it, lol


I'm still a bit lost on what your problem was...


Dose anybody the name of the colour of the boarders that seperate the countries on the map?


Dose anybody know....


Firstly it's "does" not "dose", Charlie... "dose" is a measure of medicine, or venereal disease. Secondly, the colour is brown. I don't know what shade of brown, but YDN might, because he's written an alternative client for Dom that may use the same colour.


I said it once and i'll say it again. Different countries have their own ways of spelling their own words... One example that always sticks out in my mind is the word "colour" I dont know how you spell it but the English spell it as "color". So... I stick by my way of spelling the word "dose". Feel free to spell it the way you normally would


Different countries do yes... in that American usaqe diverged from British, particularly thanks to Noah Webster. But not different individual people. A few centuries ago, such as in Webster's time, there was a lot less regularity in spelling and people often spelled things how they wanted. Now however there is so much more writing that it's impossible to allow that, therefore we have standardised spelling (tho not by any official central authority, admittedly). So there just isn't room for people to spell things how they want. The purpose of language is to communicate with others, not express yourself in your own way irrespective of others. You have to be comprehensible. Every time I see you write "dose" for "does" I hear it as "dohss" rather than "duz" because there is already the word "dose" (pronounced "dohss") for a measure of medicine, as I've said.

And BTW you got it the wrong way round, the British spelling is "colour", it's the American that's "color".


Rereading your post... do you actually believe there is a country that spells "does" as "does"? There isn't, not even Ireland. It's just you Charlie!


LOL *spells "does" as "dose"

This is 3 posts that should have been 1!


spir, you're wrong


also you were wrong about the colour thing... i made no reference to the american way of spelling it... in ireland its- colour, in england its- color, and i know that for a fact



Charlie... I am English... I know how we spell "colour" here.

Check over my posts, or Guru's, or those of other Brits or even Australians or other non-North-American English speakers (I don't know about Canadians). It will COLOUR not COLOR, HUMOUR not HUMOR etc. The latter spellings will be used in the posts of Americans.

As for your first "Spir, you are wrong", you give no reason or argument, or defence of your own claim... and please remember you are not just talking to a British English speaker here but also a linguist.


An is right, Charlie :o) deal with it ...


Any colour you want!

Who's English is it anyway?

Personally I think we should only let the rest of the world use it under licence.

.01p per word spoken to help pay for our Shakespearean Theatres, Oxford & Cambridge, the Encyclopaedia Brittanica and the Royal Family (God Save The Queen) and all of our pensions.

Why should we develop all the best in culture and then let the world share it for free?


You are talking about we and our, so where can I enjoy your (RedChef's) latest book, your latest theatre production, latest opera, sculpture or painting?


how is it going with the map
Charles ???


Actually Proctor and Gamble market an Ariel brand as "Ariel Color" in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland rather than the as the more acceptable "colour"

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