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Problems downloading software


I recentley tried downloading the Tcl version 8.3.5 I do believe, but for some reason I could not install it. Any ideas of how to get this to work?

Also, is that the version absolutely needed to make bots on this site? While I was looking around I found a working version (activetcl 8.4) that was downloadable and ready to go.


You don't need any version. Upload your script to the website and test it on there.

But if you need to learn Tcl, I would recommend downloading Tcl Tutor, which is linked somewhere on


So there is no particular place that I need to write my script? Just write it and upload it?


You can just write your robot in wordpad or notepad and then use "save as" in the file menu and save it as <filename>.tcl


Ok thanks.

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