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Client side bot


Searching all fora and chatting various ppl, I found myself not able to start developing a bot. I want to make a client side bot.

-Does this mean I still need TCL knowlegde (the core runs clientside, so this seems not to be true)?
-Is there a link with more info which is NOT dead (like all of the links)?
-To which IP do i have to connect?
-Where can i download bots, to practice?
-Is there an offline dominategame version, so i can develop offline (testing...)?
-Anyone who has a client bot, are u willing to share ur code?
-Which programs do I need to keep the bot online?


Saw the robot script downloading page. But hey, no bots can be downloaded: cannotread from source or disk.


I've been asking the same. But umm I don't know if client side robots are officially allowed. I guess you can write it in any language you like, just it mimics the downloadable client.

what robot download page? in robot ratings page, you can download the ones that are open source. many of them are not robots though, just people who have uploaded their own pictures or something. download the one called randombot. these are all server side though


Well, i just cant download ANY source code, including the randombot. the webserver just doe not send a file...


Server side bots must be written in TCL. There is a link to documentation under Robot Players.

Client side bots can be written in any language. There are some TCL bots, I've written some Perl bots, but any language will do. You need the protocol document, which I believe is linked somewhere in the forums. It's been a while since I downloaded it.

Emiel doesn't seem to have a problem with client side bots unless they flood, spam or use lots of server resources (say if you have it mine the web site for player histories, etc).




I'm busy writing a client bot myself rigth now in Java.

So far it can:
- parse the messages to and from the server.
- it handles the messages correctly for:
- login
- keeping track of the users
- keeping track of the games
- joining and leaving a game

I'm now trying to deal with the map the server sends when joining a game. Does anybody know anything about the binary index paramater of the STARTMAP message?


My bad, it's over here...

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