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client bots


I think potentially they should be able t do better than server side bots.. they have more through the communication iwth the server than what the robot functions give

but.. then they would probably be much slower too.

so how many of them are there? and which is the best one around?


Server-side bots have several playing limitations. First of all, they can't see who attacks who. They can only see the state of the board on their turn. Secondly, they can only cash-in cards at the end of their turn, which can be severely limiting on increasing card games. They also can't choose which games they want to play. Human players can pick their battles, like only caps, or only with players that have similar ratings, etc.


robot, robot2, and robot3 are mine, written in tcl.
Palomar was made by Wappoo in perl, and it chats with other players.
Bluejay is jaybird's, and it's a very good game playing bot. It would easily beat the top 5 server-side bots in regular games.
Jp made clients, but I don't recall any specific usernames he used.
karinbot, plus a few others, are Memorice's.
darren102 had made a client bot a while back, but I haven't seen him in a while.

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