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How to upload a robot?


Well, Could someone post a real step by step tut?

When you got your tcl, and your example bot script, how do you test it? Where do you upload it?

Also the protocol URL doesn't work. Anyone have a working URL?

On another note, the attack method wants number of dices. bots can choose that? what is the existing rule on attacks when players attack?


oops found the upload thingy.. havent tested it yet..I will


oki works just fine, but when I wwanna write something in the window, it gives me Robot error: cam mot find channel named "stdout"

How do I write anthing there without it sayinf robot error? I know I can with error. how about plain output?


There is no stdout I use error for now so i'd like to know too.

A bot can throw up to 3 dice on an attack i believe. Haven't tried throwing more yet :P

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