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Getting the average bot ratings


Somebody (I would if I had the time) should take advantage of the new bot rating system and write a script that samples the current ratings over time, then averages them out.

A bot's rating can still flucuate over a large range, say 1550 to 2000+ for good bots, while a bad bot's rating will routinely be below 1500. However, the current bot ratings can easily show a bad bot with a higher rating than a good bot if the bots have swung to their extremes.

This swing can be neutralized if an average rating over time is calculated. This will put bots in a more realistic and stable range of ratings.



I am not sure how the robot ratings are calculated. Is it totally independant of humans, but pretty much the same?

In the suggestions forum, I suggested that the top and bottom 10% of the ratings results are dropped, this should help take out the random high and low results that effect the rating and give a better score.

I think averaging is also a good suggestion.


Doesn't the rating calculation include the number of games, so that the more you play the less it fluctuates?

That would be interesting to do though. Maybe we'll see BotRunner come out of retirement for a new mission? hmmm....

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